OPON 2016

Wroc³aw University of Technology, 17–19 February 2016

The workshop will take place at the Conference Centre of Wroc³aw University of Technology (building D-20). See the map of the campus

The length of the invited talks will be 25 minutes + 5 minutes discussion. Contributed talks will be 15 minutes long (13+2). We recommend the speakers to use our computer (with AdobeReader, PowerPoint, LibreOffice). It is essential that all the presentations are uploaded before the session. If necessary, the speaker's computer can be connected; in such case please come early enough to check the connections and settings.

The poster session will be held on Thursday afternoon. The poster space is located directly outside the conference hall. We invite presenting authors to display posters on the first day of the conference in the morning. We kindly ask participants displaying posters to remove them at the end of the conference on Friday. The poster area is 90x120 cm (vertical).

Lunches and coffee breaks are provided free of charge during the three days for all the participants of the workshop. Lunches will be served at the university canteen in the "Students' Culture Zone" Strefa Kultury Studenckiej, building C-18). Coffee breaks will be organized in the space adjacent to the conference hall (near the poster space).

A bus will be provided to take participants from the Tumski Hotel to the University each morning and back to the hotel after the last session of the day (and after lunch on Friday).

The members of the local groups will be happy to help you if you encounter any problem. Those particularly responsible for the organization of the workshop can be recognized by the color of their conference badges.

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