OPON 2016

Wroc³aw University of Technology, 17–19 February 2016

The workshop is meant as a continuation of the three previous meetings devoted to the same topic that were held in 2011 in Wroc³aw (Poland), in 2012 in Münster (Germany) and in 2013 in Bayreuth (Germany). The purpose of the series of workshops is the exchange of ideas related to theoretical and experimental work in the field of optical properties of nanostructures and other solid state systems.


Photo: S³awomir Milejski

Invited speakers (confirmed)

Manfred Bayer (Technische Universität Dortmund)
Rydberg excitons in cuprous oxide

Rudolf Bratschitsch (Universität Münster)
Atomically thin semiconductors light up

Irene D'Amico (University of York)
Topologically protected localised states in spin chains

Jonathan Finley (Technische Universität München)
Quantum optics on single dots and molecules

Ortwin Hess (Imperial College London)

Ulrich Hohenester (Universität Graz)
Probing particle plasmons with electrons

Sven Höfling Universität Würzburg)
On-demand indistinguishable photons generated by pulsed fluorescence from quantum dot-micropillar systems

Pawe³ Horodecki (Politechnika Gdañska)
From broadcasting of information to emergence of objectivity from quanta

Jacek Kasprzak (Institut NEEL, CNRS Grenoble)
Coherence of individual emitters in photonic nanostructures

Piotr Kossacki (Uniwersytet Warszawski)
Spin manipulation of a single magnetic ion in a quantum dot

Markus Lippitz (Universität Bayreuth)
Single quantum emitters for plasmonics

Doris Reiter (Universität Münster)
Optical control of the dark exciton in a semiconductor quantum dot

Stephan Reitzenstein (Technische Universität Berlin)
Quantum Dot Microlenses: Building Blocks for Quantum Communication Networks

Vincenzo Savona (EPFL Lausanne)
Automated optimization of photonic crystals for broadband slow light and ultra-high-Q cavities

Grzegorz Sêk (Politechnika Wroc³awska)
Exploring the application-relevant properties of InAs-InP epitaxial nanostructures

Bart³omiej Szafran (AGH Kraków)
Aharonov-Bohm interferometers: scanning probe microscopy and magnetic forces

Alexei Vagov (Universität Bayreuth)
Impact of spatial non-locality and Landau damping on the dynamics of a quantum dot coupled to surface plasmons

Arkadiusz Wójs (Politechnika Wroc³awska)
Detection of fractional skyrmions in Raman studies of quantum Hall systems

Program Committee
Vollrath Martin Axt
Tilmann Kuhn
Pawe³ Machnikowski
Jan Misiewicz
Organizing Committee
Katarzyna Roszak
Krzysztof Ryczko
Pawe³ Machnikowski

Registration and fees
Participation in the workshop is by invitation/recommendation only. The conference fee is 100 euro and covers participation costs, including coffee breaks and lunches.

The workshop is organized by the Departments of Theoretical and Experimental Physics and the Centre for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology of Wroc³aw University of Technology in collaboration with the Institute for Solid State Theory, University of Münster, and Institute for Theoretical Physics III, University of Bayreuth.

Contact: opon2016@pwr.edu.pl